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The titles of the Apple company are undoubtedly the most popular in the world. Who does not know, in fact, the incredible social rise of his manager and founder who died at the height of his glory, Steve Jobs?
But reassure yourself: it is still possible to buy Apple shares in the stock market speculating on the evolution of their listing. To do this, you must first of all know the operation and history of this company and its many services and products, and of course its perspectives.

General presentation of the Apple company
The Apple company is, in fact, known under the name of Apple Inc. but its first name was Apple Computer Inc. It is a multinational company created in 1976 by two American partners, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple’s business sector is the creation of IT products such as PCs or software.
This company gave rise, years ago, to the famous Macintosh, then, more recently, to mobile terminals such as IPod, IPhone and IPad. It is also at the origin of the ITunes application.
To date, Apple has more than 60,000 employees worldwide and has a turnover of over $ 100 billion with over 362 Apple Stores in over 12 of the most important countries.
It is also important to note that in 2012 Apple was the company that achieved the largest stock market capitalization in the world.

Apple’s main competitors
The Apple group faces numerous competitors related to the type of product marketed while remaining, to date, the market leader in various sectors such as mobile phone or tablet thanks to the famous IPad. It is however interesting to know its main competitors to take account of their evolution in the context of their analyzes.

In the Smartphone field its main competitors are:

In the field of computers, the brands that use the Windows operating system are the main competitors of the Apple group. Among them mainly Microsoft that exploits Windows directly.

In the context of portable audio-connected equipment, Apple still holds 70% of the market but nevertheless suffers the competition of some large groups such as:


The main partners of Apple
Over the course of its recent history, Apple has been able to forge partnerships with companies listed on the stock exchange to develop its business.

In particular with Cisco, with which the Apple group has partnered to develop business solutions. The goal is obviously to develop the iOS network in large companies by helping with Cisco’s network and security skills.

Apple has also partnered with the IBM computer builder in a partnership to transform mobile enterprise solutions. As with Cisco, the goal for Apple is in this case to develop its presence in the professional field, which is its main shortcoming at the moment. Recall that Apple is currently one of the leaders in particular in the market aimed at individuals.

It is not excluded that Apple may soon create other partnerships with competitors or complementary companies.

Some tips for dealing with Apple action
It is therefore still a good choice to invest in the securities of the Apple company because the volume of business of this company continues to rise, despite the increasingly fierce competition. To this end, you can opt for a long-term investment by purchasing shares in this company through banking products such as savings plans in shares or securities accounts. You will thus perceive dividends calculated from the earnings of the company and the parts you hold.

But you can also choose to speculate on shorter periods by playing on short-term movements of the value of these securities on the stock market. This is made possible by the CFDs of online brokers that allow you to speculate, on the upside or downside, on market fluctuations.

To anticipate the movements of the Apple company, it is obviously necessary to monitor the Nasdaq market, on which the shares are listed, and the information related to the news related to the company, its innovations and its turnover.

Historical analysis of the listing of Apple shares
It is sufficient to take a close look at the historical charts of the listing of Apple shares to understand the origin of the interest aroused by this title. In fact, since 2005 the price of these shares has only increased in the context of an extremely volatile long trend. It is very rare to see a similar progression on the stock market.

Observing the graphs more closely, we note that this progression is marked by numerous micromovements on the upside and downside. The first peak on the upside is observed in December 2007 at € 28.55 and is immediately followed by a downward correction of up to € 17.80 in February 2008. A second peak at € 26.96 is reached in May of the same year before a new fall at 12.19 in March 2009.

Starting from this date and until September 2012 the upward trend accelerates reaching the level of 100.10 $. Immediately after this movement, a downward correction brought the price down to $ 56.58 in July 2013. Since then, the stock has followed a strong and stable uptrend.

Economic history of the Apple company and the different acquisitions of this company
All the big companies listed on the stock exchange have built their success on economic strategies aimed at acquiring other companies to increase their profits and the company Apple is no exception to the rule. This strategy has allowed the company to increase the number of its users and to innovate by developing new, more modern and useful technologies.

Among the large companies that have been absorbed by Apple include in particular NeXT, P.A Semi, Siri and Beats Electronics.

But it is above all in August 2016 that the group makes one of its most interesting purchases. In fact, the Turi company, based in Seattle, acquires for 200 million dollars. The Turi company is in fact specialized in artificial intelligence and more precisely in a branch that deals with the automatic learning called “machine learning”. It is actually a series of algorithms and tools that allow computers or software to learn during their use. This innovation aims to analyze user behavior by drawing the profile to propose targeted advertisements.

Finally, in February 2017, the Apple group bought the Israeli company Real Face specialized in facial recognition.

Apple has become the first stock market capitalization in the world
The stock market capitalization of the Apple company has never stopped growing since the first fund raising. In August 2011, just a few months after the launch of the iPad 2 by the house, its stock market capitalization reached 341.5 billion dollars. This capitalization has thus surpassed that of Exxon, a large global oil company. A year later, the amount of Apple’s capitalization has multiplied by two and this is how the US company beat the record of the highest capitalization on the stock market with over 622.10 billion dollars in 2012.

Before that, the record was held by the Microsoft company with a total stock exchange capitalization of $ 620.58 billion reached in December 1999.

But that is not all! In November 2014, in fact, the stock market capitalization of Apple still increases and exceeds the 700 billion dollar bar, bringing its record even higher.

Our medium and long-term forecasts on Apple shares
In the opinion of the majority of specialists in technical analysis, the listing of Apple shares has every opportunity to continue to evolve higher in the coming years. In fact, it is noted that in the history this company managed to maintain strong growth despite some episodes of temporary recession.

On the other hand, Apple is among the most innovative companies listed on the stock exchange and seems to have a radiant future ahead of it, considering the ever increasing enthusiasm of consumers for new technologies. It is therefore logical to expect further innovations in the coming years which will certainly involve strong upward trends.

Trading Apple shares with online CFDs
CFDs are online trading contracts ideal for speculating on the listing of Apple shares. Thanks to these contracts you can in fact buy or sell Apple shares live from the market and thus obtain profits thanks to the difference between the initial and the final price.

Using a leverage effect you will also have the opportunity to increase your earnings (but also increases the risk of losses) compared to how much you would make the purchase or sale of shares with your capital.

Analytical tools are also provided free of charge by trading platforms.