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More and more traders and private investors are interested in the securities of the big American companies, among which those listed on the Nasdaq are by far the most appreciated. This is the case of the Amazon company that undergoes very strong annual fluctuations and therefore allows for profitable long-term speculation. But Amazon shares also have benefits for day traders due to the interesting volatility of their values.

General presentation of the Amazon company
The Amazon company is known by everyone thanks to its strong Internet presence throughout the world. Its main activity is the online sale of books but in the quotation of the years has been able to diversify and now sells all types of cultural products such as CDs, DVDs, cameras, video games, small appliances and also offers music downloads for a fee.

Most of its business volume is made in the United States but Amazon has conquered the world and its business is also very developed in Europe. To date, this company is one of the world leaders in mass-market online distribution.

Main competitors of Amazon
The Amazon group is certainly one of the companies in the e-commerce sector that has experienced the greatest growth in recent years. Thanks to the development of products and services that field various skills and using a rational and progressive resources mobilization strategy, the group has been able to break away from the competition, in particular through the standardization of its procedures. This is why Amazon does not have many direct competitors to date. However, among the companies that attempt to compete with them, the following companies are found:

Barnes & Noble Inc.
eBay Inc that uses the same online sales system.
Hastings Entertainment, Inc.
Columbia House Company
Apple Inc.
Best Buy Co., Inc.
Books-A-Million, Inc.
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Finally, Fnac is Amazon’s direct competitor in France thanks to an online sales platform very similar to that of the US giant.
Obviously, Amazon causes numerous envies because it has managed to remain a leader in its field of activity and tends to innovate more and more to keep the leader of the classification for a long time.

The main partners of Amazon
Amazon does not stop developing new partnerships with companies from sometimes surprising sectors. For example, he signed an agreement with the car manufacturer Ford to create a device that allows control of their cars at a distance.

Amazon has also created partnerships with Samsung, in 2014, as part of the dissemination of online content via 4K televisions.

Finally, Nintendo announced in 2015 the beginning of a partnership with the Amazon group, as was the Spanish company Dia, which signed a similar agreement in 2016, for the sale of their products online.

Introduction and listing of Amazon shares
It was in 1995 that the Amazon company was introduced into the stock exchange and integrated into the calculation of the NASDAQ. Its results make it one of the favorite assets of traders in the industry: Amazon makes in fact about $ 35 billion in business volume a year.

In some years the company has won the bet of obtaining profits of about 40% higher than the previous year. Of course, Amazon suffered the consequences of the crisis and the explosion of the Internet bubble in 2006, but has been able to recover by developing numerous services.

It is therefore very interesting to have Amazon shares in its stock exchange because of the ability of this company to move towards new profitable activities as well as the subsequent acquisitions of activities complementary to its own.


The important stock exchange data to know about Amazon shares
To make complete and reliable analysis of the listing of Amazon shares, it is obviously appropriate to know the information previously provided such as the company’s activities, the historical evolution of its listing and significant dates but some more generic scholarship data are also essential that we see here in summary:

The total stock market capitalization of the company Amazon in 2017 is 430,880.64 million dollars.
Amazon shares are listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market of NASDAQ All Markets in the United States.
The Amazon company is an integral part of the calculation of the US NASDAQ 100 stock index.
A large part of the company’s capital is held by institutional investors including Royal London Asset Management, T.Rowe Price Associated, Vanguard Group, Capital World Investors, Fidelity Management and Research Company, State Street Corporation, BlackRoxk Funds Advisors, Capital Research Global Investors , Baillie Gifford & Co Limited and Jennisson Associate.

Economic and financial history of the Amazon company
To understand and better anticipate the evolution of the listing of Amazon shares it is important to know some historical economic events that have marked its rise, including the main acquisitions and financial holdings. Here are the events to keep in mind:

In 1998 the association between PlanetAll, Junglee and Bookpage.co.uk became Amazon.
In 1999 Amazon buys IMDb, Alexa, accept.com and exchange.com.
In 2003 Amazon buys CDNow.
In 2004, he bought the Chinese e-commerce site joyo.com
In 2005 the company buys Booksurge, Mobipocket.com and CreateSpace.com.
In 2006 he bought Shopbod.
In 2007 Amazon acquired the company Brilliance Audio and the photographic material website dpreview.com.
In 2008, Amazon purchased Audible.com, Fabric.com, BoxOfficeMojo, Shelfari, AbeBooks and Reflexive Entertainment.
In 2009, he bought the Zappos, Lexcycle and Snap Tell online shoe sales website.
In 2010 it was the turn of the purchase of Touchco, BuyVIP, Diapers.com and Woot.
In 2011 he bought LoveFilm, Yap, The Book Depository and Push Button.
In 2012, Amazon acquired Kiva System.
In 2014, he bought Double Helix, Colisprivé, Twitch and Rooftop Media.
In 2015, he bought Orbeus Inc.
More recently, in 2017, Amazon bought Souq, an Internet distribution company very present in the Middle East, a region in which the company had difficulties in being present. The acquisition of 23% of shares in Plug Power, a US manufacturer of hydrogen batteries, has recently been announced.